Laser scissors



This Design is every art / designers dream. I cant count how many time I have tried to cut something in a straight line and failed. These special scissor has a really thick handle with a laser attachment. The laser attachment shines a bright red light at the object that you are trying to cut. Like I said this product would be geared towards hands on designer and people who have a lot of trouble cutting straight. These scissors should be sold in all craft stores.




This design is an  braille rubrics cube. It has no colors it is just white with braille that stands for the names of colors like red, blue, yellow etc. This is a really great deign for a game. A rubrics cube is already a really intense fun and challenging activity. The fact that this design is geared to the blind is really a great gesture. It helps allow people who are not fortunate to see be able to play an activity that they wouldn’t be able to participate in.  This item should be advertised in stores like target, Walmart, toys r us and other stores that sell games.


Hidden BBQ Pit


This such a cool design. Storing a barbecue pit can be highly frustrating they always seem to be in the way or blocking space that can be used for something else. This design is half barbecue half plant pot. Its the best of both worlds a food cooker and outdoors decor. This barbecue pit would be targeted to people  who take keeping their front an back yards nice and neat. This is also targeted for people who like to entertain company but want to conserve space. This can be seen in stores like home depot or any other home improvement.

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Ferris Wheel shoe rack



This  Design is extremely needed in every house hold. This compact shoe holder is simple but an creative way to organize your shoe collection. It comes in several colors depending on the person. When I first saw this design it reminded me of a ferris wheel. The circular plastic device allows space for multiple shoes of various sizes. This product targets a audience of anyone who is into organization and cleanliness. People who have children who throw their shoes all over the floor, messy teens, Lazy husbands this shoe holder is perfect. This product should be sold in home improvement stores and even shoe stores. The tone or emotion people will have when they see this design is interested and  relieved for an invention that is so helpful.


Nude Shoe


This is literally  a nude colored shoe. This design caught my attention immediately. It has too be one of the most uncomfortable and awkward designs  I have ever seen.  The shape of the shoe gives off the illusion of a women crawling on her knees. The really peachy flesh color is really ugly and  would be very hard to match an outfit with.  I don’t think to many women would buy this shoe. If they did buy this shoe it would be for humor and not to actually wear. The shoe really  doesn’t look comfortable at all.



Polaroid piece for I Phone


This design is an accessory for cell phones particularly the I Phone. The main accessory  piece is shaped like an old school Polaroid camera. You are able to clip your cellular device onto the Polaroid accessory take a picture and instantly print the picture. This is a great design although it is bulky it give off a really unique vintage feel.  This item  will attract both a young and old audience  because technology  is a really big thing and especially the camera on the cell phone. To able to not only take a picture and then it be printed in a matter seconds. Instagram is a very popular picture app and  I know a lot of people wish they could take a picture and have a print to have instead of sending to their email and printing it off a computer. This will be a top seller in any electronics store.

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Nike Push


The advertisement campaign is for Nikes concept of push trainning. The bold bright typography over a photograph captures the eye right away. The youthful dynamic of a photo of two figures playing an arcade game expressing the feeling of competition. The neon green “Push” type os bold and playful. Along the side of the type is the nike  check emblem. This draws in a young nike customers, who want to compete and have fun at the same time.