Polaroid piece for I Phone


This design is an accessory for cell phones particularly the I Phone. The main accessory  piece is shaped like an old school Polaroid camera. You are able to clip your cellular device onto the Polaroid accessory take a picture and instantly print the picture. This is a great design although it is bulky it give off a really unique vintage feel.  This item  will attract both a young and old audience  because technology  is a really big thing and especially the camera on the cell phone. To able to not only take a picture and then it be printed in a matter seconds. Instagram is a very popular picture app and  I know a lot of people wish they could take a picture and have a print to have instead of sending to their email and printing it off a computer. This will be a top seller in any electronics store.

Resource : http://www.lostateminor.com/2013/11/05/turn-your-iphone-into-a-polaroid-camera/


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