Wild Dog Winery

Wild Dog Winery

This logo is unique. It exercises the technique of negative space to create a picture. The picture depicts a dog looking figure cuddling a wine bottle. Although the logo is interesting and eye catching there is a little bit too much negative space. To make the design better I would add typography on the space of the empty bottle. This logo is best suited for an audience like people who go to bars and clubs. The logo captures playfulness and a good time all the things that people look for when they go to a bar.


Push bottle logo


This logo was extremely eye catching and cool to me. The word play as well as the shaping of the bottle is extremely unique. The bottle is formed as if it is a finger pushing a button. Thus emphasizing the name advertisement “push bottle”. The coloring of the logo is simple white, orange, and black.  I believe that designer created this logo for people who like humor or visual. I feel that anyone who sees this logo will be easily drawn in just on the creativity of the design. Although I don’t know this advertisement it draws me in and makes me curious on what exactly they are selling or pitching .

olympics logo


This is the logo for the London 2o12 Olympics. When I first saw this logo I was inspired by the bright vibrant colors pink and yellow. Also what I found interesting was the organic shapes within the logo. I really think the designer created this logo to grasp a younger audience because the choice of bright colors seem modern and hip. I think that this is a good logo but it could be a little better if they used less shapes.  It kind of looks like asian lettering which is a little confusing because the location the olympics was being held that year was in london. The designer might should have used some characteristic that represents London.

resource:  http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/03/39-olympic-logos-from-1924-to-2012/


Keep it classy...

Keep it classy…

In a vogue art cover a female figure is portrayed holding her hand to her mouth wearing really classy expensive attire. Her body language gives the feeling of arrogance and being nonchalant. I feel like the designer of this cover was trying to persuade readers with the idea that being classy is easy when you have certain attitude of superiority and looking down on others. Class is relative to status and virtue so you must be a snob to achieve this goal.

The ideal billboard

The ideal billboard

This photo shows a tall white building and the words ” Photo of A Skinny White Girl” where a billboard picture should be. This is a really controversial post. The photographer/ designers words are extremely though provoking. The idea that all you see on large billboard ads are really skinny thin white girls. It questioned the idea of beauty ,whats sellable and what people really want to see.